HRASM is actively seeking sponsors to support our programs and membership community. We value and appreciate having a strong base of sponsors to help us to continue to develop and provide our membership cost-effective programs, educational opportunities, and social events.

There are two sponsorship options: an annual newsletter sponsor and a monthly meeting sponsor.

Meeting Sponsorship Opportunity

  • The sponsor gets 3-4 minutes to present to the group right before the main speaker.
  • The sponsor’s logo and bio are posted on the meeting’s registration page on the HRASM website.
  • HRASM sends a monthly e-newsletter, the meeting sponsor’s logo and bio are included in this newsletter the month leading up to your sponsorship.
  • The sponsor is not provided a list of attendees, but you are of course welcome to share your contact information. You are also welcome to share an optional signup sheet or in this case maybe a Google Form to collect attendee information from those who volunteer to share. You are also welcome to do a raffle if you choose.
  • Sponsorship fee: $350 (one month)

Annual Newsletter Sponsor

  • The sponsor’s logo, with a link to your website, is embedded within each monthly electronic newsletter that is sent to all of our members (10 newsletters: Jan –Jun, Sept – Dec)
  • Sponsorship fee: $500

If you are interested in either or both sponsorship opportunities please contact Brittany Mailman, VP of Sponsorship at

Your generous sponsorship helps us to bring great content to our members and provides our local HR professionals with the contacts, tools and resources that they need to be successful. We thank you so much for your support of HRASM!