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LinkedIn Group Posting Guidelines

This is a robust group with 500+ members interested in Human Resource and related matters. The purpose of the group is to provide a forum for exchange of information through: discussion; group member inquiries for best practice; job postings and HRASM membership promotion. HRASM LinkedIn Group admits members who are operating in Maine and have past or current HR job duties or who have a promotional interest in Maine HR professionals. Out of state folks who request to join are not typically approved. We welcome those who wish to promote services to members to contact our VP of Marketing and inquire about sponsoring an HRASM meeting. You are also welcome to network at HRASM meetings. We ask that unsolicited emails to members of this group be thoughtfully limited.  Please take the time to note and follow these guidelines.


To keep content relevant, postings are deleted using the following general rules:

  • Postings for Discussions are generally deleted (no longer available) after 6 months
  • Jobs are deleted after 60 days (poster can delete at any time or re-post if unfilled).



This is an area for members to ask questions and get reactions from other members. HRASM occasionally posts notices for members under “discussions” to ensure they will be distributed. Please do not promote your website or services under this section. Discussion posts may include a link to a third party website or article if it furthers the discussion and is “sales-neutral.”



This is the place to promote job listings. We welcome members to post a variety of positions including HR opportunities that might appeal to group members. Please come back to the group site when the position is filled and delete the entry.


Email notifications of group activity

Members are encouraged to manage their own group settings as to how many communications from this group come to them via email. Go onto your LinkedIn profile and click on your profile picture in upper Right corner/Privacy settings/Groups, Companies and Applications.


Submission and approval process

All requests to join have to be approved manually by the moderator. You will notice that the moderator reviews your LinkedIn profile before approving.


Thank you for your interest in the HRASM LinkedIn group and please contact me about any content you feel is inappropriate or to just pass along your feedback about this popular group.

Thank you for your interest in the HRAMS LinkedIn group and please contact me about any content you feel is inappropriate or to just pass along feedback about the sight.

Group Moderator

Suzi Benoit

HRASM VP Social Media